Friday, February 15, 2013

Xuele 学乐: Chinese learning website from MOE, Singapore

Xuele 学乐:

is a Chinese learning website from from Ministry of Education, Educational Technology Division, Singapore  新加坡教育部教育科技司.

It is an online textbook website and a great learning sites for primary and secondary students.

Tools like Chinese-English dictionary, translation, language games, and Hanyu Pinyin is available.

Xuele 学乐 inspire kids to keep their interest in learning Chinese with lots of interactive texts. The Hanyu Pinyin can be enable or disable at your choice.

There are two sections on the main menu: Primary Secondary textbooks.

In each section, it is categorized in grade levels.
一上 · 一下. 一年级.
二上 · 二下. 二年级.
三上 · 三下. 三年级.
四上 · 四下. 四年级.
五上 · 五下. 五年级.
六上 · 六下. 六年级.

At Grade 1. The first chapter is Hanyu Pinyin.

It match perfectly with kids' learning style!

Reading: XueLe - YouTube

give you an ideas on how parents make use of it!

I get some feedback from users, noted that it is not Ipad friendly and young users may have problems using it as the interface is not kid-friendly!

Hope MOE can made some changes and improve on it!

Dexterine Ho Soo Miang

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Pajama Tutors Language Learning said...

Just checked it out. It looks like a great site. I have a number of friends who are Singaporean citizens, and from everything I can tell, it is one of the best run countries in the world - absolutely puts our dysfunctional US government to shame:)
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